Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Fine Tuning the Plans

We've almost got the plans perfect. A huge "thank you" to our customers and friends for participating in our survey to let us know what they'd like to see included in the build, suggestions for improvement and etc. Here's a recap on the survey comments. The build is still planned for Oct 2020 to April-ish 2021.

- An inside area, warm, for a reading nook was requested. We'll make this happen, probably with a gas fireplace and maybe a t.v., inside the great room/kitchen space.
- Covered parking for motorcycles, and a paved area for bike parking. We can do the covered space, not sure about the paved area.
- Hostel style lodging for drop ins - our insurance doesn't allow for a hostel, but we will try to keep the basement bunkroom (next to the basement bathroom) for motorcyclists travelling thru. However, we are not set up for drop ins!!! So, we still need reservations!
- Better lighting in the basement. The basement bunk room will be coming off Airbnb, and only rented to motorcyclists who want to stay just one night, or used for wedding and event overflow. The existing basement bathroom won't generally be used at all.
- The bath house area remains the same - 2 public sinks, 3 toilet/sink rooms, 3 showers with dressing areas. Included in this # are 1 ADA compliant toilet/sink room, and 1 shower.
- The outdoor kitchen is not a very popular idea, but we'll likely build it anyway for maple syrup processing, jam making, preparing "cook out" meals for guests.
- There'll be a 1/2 bathroom in the tower, or below it a level or 2. Most folks didn't mind going down a flight of stairs to get to it. Shower will be accessed at the basement level bath house. I'm trying to leave space for a gas fireplace in the tower room, as well as a small kitchenette!
- Balconies at tower and guest suite are a definite YES!
- Overwhelmingly, folks are happy to pay us for dinners and full breakfasts.
- Pop up dinner idea was considered to be a good one, so we'll explore that option with area chefs, locations - seeking opportunities and ideas!
- Fridge space was requested. Everyone can use the kitchen in the addition. The morning coffee bar will be located in there, too. And we can serve meals either inside there, or outside in the summer.
- Heat, electricity was requested for the snug camping cabin. We plan to keep this as a solar off grid cabin. It is our most frequently rented space! Those who need heat/electricity can chose one of the other lodging options.

I think that was everything suggested. Again, thank you for participating! We've got our "final" visit with Lineage Architects today, and we're stopping in at PWD Windows & Doors to tour their showroom and make some decisions.

Stay tuned!!! Teresa, Jeff, Xena